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Domestic Locksmith In Essex

Parade Locks covers all aspects of general locksmith services in Essex and Suffolk.

Our locksmith services include emergency non-destructive entry, burglary repairs, lock changes and repairs, key cutting, boarding up after damage to windows and security surveys to ensure your home is safe and secure.

Cylinder Locksmiths

Parade Locksmiths are knowledgable when it comes to residential homes and they’re everyday locks.

The most common in a cylinder locks fully equipped to fit and change these locks. There are many types of cylinder locks such as a Euro Cylinder, commonly recognised with the brand Yale. Our professional team use to latest methods to gain entry in every situation, which avoids excessive damage and keeps costs low. It is our priority to help you gain entry to your property as quickly as possible.

We offer a lock changing service for residential properties also. This keeps residents at ease that no one will be able to enter their home unless they have been given a key. We recommend higher security options to stop burglars from easily entering your property and keeping your assets safe.
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Are you locked out? Need A Locksmith? Need A Lock Repairing Or Upgrading?

UVPC Locksmiths

Parade Locksmiths specialise most in UVPC Locks, a very common locks used in the UK due to it being an attachment on UPVC doors.

A regular fault on UPVC locks is misalignment which causes the lock to become stiff as there is strain on the multipoint mechanism, this happens over time and harsh weather onditions can also play a factor in the misalignment. When a multipoint mechanism comes under pressure it will then begin to damage the internal workings, eventually leaving you unable to lock or unlock your door.

However, this can be prevented by calling Parade Locksmiths when you start to hear a different noise from your locking mechanism, you may even feel cracking when you lift the handle. Preventing the worst is what we want, as there isn’t anything worse than having to replace the whole mechanism or worse being locked out!

Due to the UPVC lock being a very common lock in England, intruders have found ways of removing them from the doors which allows them access to your property. We recommend the Snap-Safe Euro Cylinders for your UPVC lock, these are lock snap resistant and keep your home secure from anyone trying to gain entrance without permission.
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Our Locksmiths Are On Call 24/7

Parade Locks are on call 24/7 to help you get in your property sale and. We offer a fast and reliable results throughout Essex and covering Suffolk, Kent And London. Our team are highly skilled and have a experianced knowledge to deal with tough locks domestic and commercial properties.
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